Brisket Brawl: Hot beef causes injury at BBQ festival - CBS News

The station studies that will Mike Owings, 42, of Cunningham, Kentucky had been faced with second-degree wanton endangerment.

"The employee with D-Bo's picked up a brisket out in the cooker and also tossed it toward the particular Firehouse camp," stated Danville Police Sgt.

DANVILLE, Ky. According to the station, he remained within the Boyle County jail Monday afternoon.

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According towards the station, a couple of pit masters were sharing the same cooker once the workers got angry over just how long someone ended up being "hogging the particular grill."

Police say Owings works for any BBQ business out of South Carolina but he lives close to Paducah. -- Officers were referred gas grill reviews in order to as for you to Danville's Constitution Square Sunday morning as cooks had been preparing their particular meats for that day's Kentucky BBQ festival right after someone got heated over any grill as well as threw a quantity of meat, reports CBS affiliate WKYT.

A female worker with regard to Firehouse BBQ has been inside the range regarding fire with the flying bit of meat, which has been estimated to be greater than 200 degrees, reports the actual top gas grills station, and she suffered uses up like a result.

"It caused burns in order to the girl neck, back again and shoulder. The Girl has been treated about the scene by Boyle EMS," Sgt


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